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Kingdom Financial Services offers simple solutions 100% of the time. With many years of international experience we have a dedicated team that will listen to you and with the knowledge and vision that we have we will make sure that your unique situation are reflected in the level of insurance that you consider and that you and your family benefit from your long term decisions. We are dedicated to ensure best outcomes at all times. Think different- Think Legacy- Experience sound advice

Our Team


Kingdom Financial services delivers simple solutions through quality communication and problem solving attitude. I journey with our clients and make sure that we act in their best interest at all times.  We use our experience to help our clients regain their vision and see where they want to be in the future and we help them to build a financial plan that will address each and everyone's unique situation. You are not just a number at Kingdom Financial Services but a client that we appreciate and care for. 


email:  braam@kingdomfs.co.nz

Mobile: 021546436


Analie provides admin support and is also the office manager. Analie makes sure the office runs smoothly and  plays an integral part making sure all the administration is on track in the office. She is diligent and have amazing qualities that is an asset to the business.

contact Analie:  analie@kingdomfs.co.nz

09 479 1095

More about Braam and Analie

We are blessed to be a happy family and I thank my Creator for that every day. In today's fast world and lifestyle that we have It is often the families that suffer the most and that is why we believe in balance between hard work and fun. Due to the importance of family I soon discovered that we need to look after our loved ones and make sure that they can continue to be happy and self sufficient in the event of sickness or sudden and unexpected death. Do you really care about you family and what do you do to make sure that your loved ones are well looked after in the event of something happening to you?

After 24 years of experience I can assure you that the biggest legacy that you can leave behind is to make provision for your loved ones and in doing that you ensure that they will make informed decision due to the fact that they do not have to do that based on financial pressures. Do yourself a favor and talk to us, we really care and know what to do! Because we care and experience love we care about others as well.