Complete Financial Analyses

It is really important to look at your total risk portfolio and then ask yourself a few questions with regards to what you really need. Unfortunately you cannot insure everything, and that is where we look at the total portfolio and determine what you really need. This will be different for different people and companies but what the most important aspect of any individual or companies risk management plan is to determine what they really need. There is a huge difference between wants and needs and at Kingdom Financial Services we aim to determine what you really need to make a difference for your family, partner and business associate in the event of something unpredictable happens. Unfortunately things happen, every day around us and with friend of us and therefore the need for a well-planned and constructed risk management plan.

In this proses we look at the following very important aspects:


Are you certain that the current plan you have in place will actually address your needs? 

We offer free buisness succession planning, the question you must always ask" Can your business survive if a key holder dies, becomes disabled, retires or resigns.

Cash Flow

Will there be cash flow in the event of something happening for the surviving spouse, dependent children or business associate?


Will there be financial control & stability in the family or business if something does happen?

Are you sure that the "right" amount of money will be paid to the "right" person on the "right" time?  If this resonate with you and you are not sure, please let us know because we can help you and help you to understand your potential risk areas better and ensure that you address the areas that you need. We provide you with a well-constructed report that will highlight the areas that you need to address and potentially show you areas that you are over insured. In understanding your needs it helps you to understand the provision or risk management plan that you need to have in place to make provision for when the unexpected happen so that the loved ones and business partners can have certainty, cash flow and control.