Health Insurance

If there is one area that we will always recommend our clients to consider carefully and with good advice, it will be health insurance.  If we look at all the newspaper articles and individuals that make comments on how the public system is failing them in time of need, this will be a hot topic. The challenges are there and with the growing population there will be more pressure on health funding and resources.  The fact of the matter is that if you do not have private health care, you could find yourself in a difficult position with regards to what you need and what is available. Experience has shown me that when you are not feeling well, and when you need care, you need that immediately. You will pay anything to get that and that could put you in a very difficult position financially and emotionally. Unfortunately the fact of the matter is, if you do not have private health care, you put yourself and your family at risk and there will be no certainty that you will be helped within acceptable timeframes, no control over who will provide that service and when that will actually happen. If you go private, the financial burden could ruin your savings or deplete all your resources. Is that a calculated risk to take? Please, let us help you to consider options and look at alternatives that will suit your needs and will give you peace of mind.