Mortgages and Mortgage Insurance

As part of the service we can arrange a home loan or business funding to help you get into your first house or investment property or buy a new vehicle for your business or expand the current business. Due to the fact that we are thinking long term and how we can make a difference for our client’s long term we would like to provide services where we know we can save them money and help them to grow their business or investment portfolio with regards to properties.  Practical experience with knowledge about structures and how to structure your lending will add value to your portfolio and being able to provide the appropriate mortgage insurance to ensure that repayments are taken care of in the event of something happening will only compliment your situation. We will appreciate the opportunity to make a difference and help you to ensure that your money is working for you. There is no reason why people should take 30 years to pay of a house. We can help you, spending the same amount of money that you are currently spending, to reduce your mortgage term significantly. Give us a call and we can arrange for a catch up to show you how we can help you do that.