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Whatever your circumstances may be, it's important to review how your insurance needs may have changed. Whether you've had a new baby, moved home,buying a home, been promoted at work , are preparing the kids for high school, they left the nest or whatever Financial goals and dreams you  may have; it's important to talk to Kingdom Financial Services about revising your insurance strategy.  We provide independant advice for Indivduals, Couples, businesses and companies. 

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What We Offer

Complete Financial Analyses

It is really important to look at your total risk portfolio and then ask yourself a few questions with regards to what...

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Health Insurance

If there is one area that we will always recommend our clients to consider carefully, it will be health insurance...

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Life Insurance

Most people have a block when it comes to life insurance and why they need to consider life insurance...

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Fund Transfers from South Africa

We work with International companies and service providers to ensure...

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Draft of Wills

In most consultations that we have, when we get to the point where we ask about a signed updated will the responses...

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Mortgages & Income Protection Insurance

As part of the service we can arrange a home loan or business funding to...

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Braam provided excellent advice to me as a business owner, in terms of income protection that is so important when owning your own business. He also helped me with ACC cover and alternatives, tailored to suite my business needs.His work is of high quality

Chris Auret

Once Braam knows you and understands your requirements, he will find the best solution that will meet your requirements, not the one that lines his pockets in commission. This is the reason why I have no issue recommending him.

Elias Kanaris

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