Frequently Asked Questions

Kingdom Financial Services is a company that is based on solid ethical values that can bring 38 years of experience to you, in your business, family and individual situation. We endeavor to do our best, every time and to ensure that you get what you sign up for. We are a strong team that consist of a strong administrator, great customer service and sound simple and understandable advice that will empower you to make informed decisions that will compliment your family, business or partner. We are here for the long run and to make a difference. We want to invite you to come and experience the difference.

Life insurance is a fantastic tool to help families, individuals and business owners to make provision for there loved ones, partners or business associates in the event of something happening. Unfortunately life is not in our hands and experienced have taught me that it is hard enough to deal with the emotional trauma when a loved one passes, you definitely do not want to deal with financial hardship as well.  

Life insurance is the most cost effective way of making provision for dependent children, spouses, partners and business associates to ensure that they can continue with the business or ensure that the children can maintain the same standard of living as before.

The length of the process depends on many factors, underwriting is done on the information Provided on the application form and depending on the information provided and if additional medical information is required, it can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. We endeavor to manage this process to the best of our abilities and have many services in place that will ensure that this will be dealt with professionally and in the appropriate manor.  Our aim is to help every person and we rely on there full disclosure on the application form to ensure that all relevant information is requested to ensure that the best possible outcome is received from the different service providers. 

Yes. that is part of the application process. Underwriting will be based on the answers to your questions. It is important that u disclose all relevant medical information that u are aware or on the application form. Non disclosure can lead to non payment of claims. One of our key and important aspects of making a difference to each and every client is because we want to ensure that the “right” amount of money is paid to the “right” person at the “right” time. To be able to do that we need to work together and ensure that all medical information is disclosed. 

Under most circumstances the appointed underwriter will be able to make an assessment from the information provided on the application form. This form could be done electronically or could be completed manually. However, the Underwriter may ask for further information or contact your Doctor / GP for a medical history. A mobile nurse can also contact you when the Underwriter request blood tests to be done or medical reports to be done. This can be arranged at a place and time suitable for you and there is no cost involved for this service. They will also provide your GP with a copy of the results for your perusal and follow up. 

Yes. If an Underwriter requires further information based on the information disclosed on the application form, the cost for these additional tests, reports or information requested will be paid by the service provider.

Smoker’s premium rates are significantly higher than those or non smokers. If you have stopped smoking for 12 months and more you will be edible for a premium reduction and change to non smoking rates. All that you need to do is to complete an non smoking declaration and we will assist you and help you to qualify for the non-smoking rates. For current smokers we recommend and will help them to quit and show them the difference in cost for the same level of cover for smokers and non-smokers. 

You can pay Either by credit card or direct debit.

Once your application has been processed and your cover are accepted, the service provider will action either the direct debit or credit card authority you signed at the time of your application. You can choose the frequency and date of payment and you have the option to pay weekly, forth-nightly or monthly.

You need to maintain your premium payments in order for your insurance cover to remain in force. Cover will cease if you stop payments. If you need to change bank account or credit card details u can contact us and we can arrange for the appropriate forms to be mailed to you or we can arrange for a catch up to help you complete the form.

 When dealing with a death, accident, health claims, serious Illness, the value of Insurance is seen.  Claims comes with lots of emotions and stress and add to that all the administration it can be very overwhelming.  We are here when the unforseen happens and you need to claim.  We will guide you through the claims process, supplying the necessary forms and advice on documents and information required to submit the claim.  Please contact us first if you need to claim.  We are here to ensure the best possible outcome.

Cover will cease when you inform the provider in writing to cancel you insurance, or you stop paying premiums or the policy expires.  A signed rquest from all policy owners and life assureds is needed before cancellation of cover can be processed.

For Any Other questions on our services provided, please do not hesitate to contact us.